Atari preservation collectors


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The Collective

What is the APC?

We are a bunch of Atari collectors trying to preserve all Atari 8-bit software, hardware and documentation.

What are we doing?

We carefully store the item, scan and digitize the resources and describe it according to a structured schema.

This work is carried out by teams of different expertise. There are teams preserving floppy disks, tapes, cartridges, hardware and all kinds of documentation.

How can I help?

We are looking for team leaders, collectors, programmers, sponsors and anyone else who likes to help us. Just contact us if you're interested!


The software teams are divided according to the type of media. Hardware and documentation currently doesn't have sub divisions

Floppy team

This team preserves the magnetic media by digitising (dumping) it into image files. The preservation process contains steps for identification, dumping, authoring etc.

Tape team

Members of the tape team use high-end tape equipment to preserve the original audio signal. Content is extracted and saved in cassette image files.

ROM team

Preservation is carried out for cartridge ROMs and system ROMs from Atari 8-bit hardware. Also ROMs from third-party hardware products for the Atari 8-bit are saved by the members of this team


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